Technical Office

Lausitzer Stahlbau Ruhland gives trusted cooperation and customer satisfaction full priority through leading technology, quality and service.

The expertise of our engineers and technicians is not only important for German system manufactures. Our systems are delivered the world over, as well as our quality management systems which fulfil all manufacturing and customer-oriented industry standards.

With their direct contact and short decision paths, the technical office and project management are the guarantee for high-quality construction of steel structure projects and long term success. Consequently we are able to react directly to our customers demands and to the market.

Our strong and efficient technical office realizes the constructive processing and production-planning according to standards and procedures including all of the complexities of the European standards.

In order to be able to guarantee the highest quality during the complete production process, Uniprojekt in Ostrow Wielkopolski belongs to our company. Uniprojekt models the technical drawings in 3D with the special steel construction editing program “BOCAD”.